Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sisterly Love

In college, I never joined a sorority. Even though all of my friends were rushing (and standing outside in freezing blizzard-filled Chicago winter to be invited into each house), I chose to escape the mayhem and head to Minnesota for my first college ski race. I passed on the experience that some say shaped their college years, but now I've found one girls club, or sorority of sorts, that I can feel comfortable in.

In short form, they're known as the Sisters. No, not like that movie The Women. I'm talking athletic gear here and a special "club" of athletic gear designed for women, training women. Meet the Nike Sister series of shoes. First introduced the day after Christmas, these kicks will bring your training to a new level. Seriously.

To put it simply, if you're running you want a running shoe, which will help propel you forward, and if you're training you need a shoe that will give you motion on a variety of planes. And while you might think a running shoe will suffice--haven't we all been wearing to the gym for years, regardless of our activities--that's not the case. The Sisters feature soles made from Nike's Diamondflx technology, a flexible sole that gives you multi-plane movement. You can plant that foot during a lunge and really feel it dig into the ground, take simple agility drills and amp the intensity just by switching footwear. And while I might sound crazy, it really does work. While my feet try to dig further into the ground to steady me, almost like growing roots, my muscles are firing and working through planks and cable pulls. There's no sacrifice on support either, even though I feel I'm giving my feet a new sense of liberation as they're no longer forced to march forward.

Need more convincing? The Fit Bottomed Girls and FitSugar take a look at this new training shoe too. Photo grabbed from Posted by Kate

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