Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Surfing on 3/17

It's warm and sunny in Chicago today so while I'm wishing to be outdoors, my fingers are doing some wandering on the computer. Some of the things that caught my eye:
  • Who doesn't love a little green in their milkshake and splurging on a Shamrock Shake? Actually I hate to say it but I don't, something with a green bagel as a kid turned me off those artificially colored treats. But did you know you'd have to spend nearly two hours walking on the treadmill just to burn off the small weet treat. It's even worse if you find yourself noshing on a deli-size corned beef sammy or jazzing it up reuben-style. Not to mention the artery clogging risks, trans fats grams and maxing out the daily sodium, you'll need to spin hard for at least an hour and a half to cancel these calories.
  • Need some healthy and quick ideas to spice up your dining repertoire and DIY at home? Keep It Simple Foods has suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner to add a little kick without going overboard to your daily menus.
  • Sale! I love me some bargain shopping and I'm finding it today at SkirtSports. This Boulder-based company is releasing new spring gear--and in flashy new color combos--but at the same time you can find some old favorites at savings of up to 70 percent off. My wallet is liking this one.
  • Remember my bit about needing some running motivation? I'm really trying to muster some energy and scouring different sites for useful information. I'm hoping this post from Under Armour will help me with my form. And I'm excited I found a new blog at Runner's World all about trail running: TrailHeads!
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