Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jazz Up Breakfast

Tired of munching on cereal for breakfast? Need a break from the toast or oatmeal? Running out without a meal to start your day, promising yourself you'll grab something on the go? Next time you're ready to revamp your menu, try taking a stab at this meal. All you need is a few extra minutes in the kitchen, but it's well worth it for this fuel that can carry you through lunch if need be. Meet the yogurt parfait, a healthy alternative to breakfast, even dessert, that doesn't require much extra time preparing and provides those sought-after daily fruit servings.

I've always loved yogurt, but admittedly I'd take the fat-free Yoplait flavors or the super sugary Dannon fruit on the bottom varieties before indulging in the better-for-me types. I started experimenting with Greek yogurt after my sister swore by it and I read that Bernie--the at-home winner from Biggest Loser 5--ate it daily. Plus I wanted something thick, not runny, to eat with my morning banana. So after some trial and error (learning I wasn't a fan of the European style yogurt at Trader Joe's and had to strictly stick to the Greek), I came up with my go-to breakfast and dessert that feeds my urge for ice cream.

Try out your own version:
Greek yogurt, eyeball the amount you want to eat
strawberry slices

Add the fruit into a serving bowl, top with Greek yogurt. If you need some added crunch or flavor, sprinkle some granola on top. While you might not have all of these fruits on hand, you can also use a frozen berry mixture or any combination of the berries. I'm also a fan of slicing banana and adding it to the mix--but I have to be really hungry to do that otherwise I'm full until dinner. And if you want more defense of yogurt for breakfast, check out this post. Posted by Kate

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