Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fit-Food: Breakfast Bargain for March

Yum, I'm getting hungry visiting those breakfast sites Liz mentioned earlier today...and while checking my e-mail I found another morning meal to add to the repertoire. To stick with the breakfast theme of the day, Jamba Juice offers another reason to start your day with a meal--and a hearty one at that. And this time it's not the smoothies I'm talking about (although those first hooked me into becoming a Jamba regular, especially once the all-fruit combos arrived).

Hurry to a Jamba location near you during the month of March for a stimulus deal you'll want to put in your mouth: oatmeal for $1. Try these steel-cut oats as part of the Jamba Economic Boost. Not only is the oatmeal stick-to-your-bones tasty and good stomach filler--check out this review at slashfood.com--this one is topped with fresh fruit and brown sugar. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, and knowing that it'll only set me back one Washington makes it even more worthwhile for my wallet. Warning: you may need a coupon to save, but that's just a click away. Photo grabbed from Fig+Sage. Posted by Kate


  1. Yay for Oatmeal! When Starbucks started selling it this winter, I became a big fan. I'm hoping more food places start offering healthy, cheep alternatives like this!

  2. I agree. cheap and healthy are always pluses for me. I'll have to check out starbucks oatmeal, i had no clue that was even an option. thanks for the tip :)



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