Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hollywood Goes Ironman

Sometimes my excessive People reading actually has a purpose, and one that relates to sports and fitness. I lucked out the other night when I hopped on after hitting my cycling class and having the house to myself. An Ironman athlete springing up among news stories like the reality star battling cancer, Chris Brown and Rihanna, a Real Housewife out of work? This was too good to be true to spot triathlon info among the celebrity annals.

Guess it helps when you're announcing the birth of your child. But who knew that Maxine Bahns, currently starring in The Mentalist on CBS, also competes in triathlon? The People story said she's raced Ironman and at the World Championship level (in October 2001). And her plan for dropping the baby weight? A half Ironman on the calendar for July. I'm liking this actress. Turns out her sports story gets even better: Her husband, Patrick Watson, is an adventure racer, and she's graced the covers of Triathlete, Health, Runner's World and Fit. Only problem? Sorry People, but you may need to get your facts straight--Bahns is listed as a 40-year-old tri-athlete in the story but IMDB, my other go-to celeb source, says she was born in 1971. Photo grabbed from Liz Oakes at flickr, Maxine Bahns is the racer on the left. Posted by Kate


  1. Wow. I love it when celebs are *actual* athletes! It's so inspiring when you hear that they actually train to get those kickin bodies.

  2. Exactly! I was loving it too :) I was even more excited that her friend had pictures from that Honu 70.3 race showing that they both raced. Granted it made me want to go to Hawaii but that's a different story :)



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