Monday, March 23, 2009

And We're Crashing...

What's with all of the bike crashes today? OK, it's really not that many--two--but two famous faces have landed themselves bruised and battered while riding their bikes.

Lance Armstrong crashed during the first stage of a five-day race in Spain. It's not clear if he actually withdrew from the race, but CNN reported he walked to the ambulance on his own and pointed to his collarbone as if something were awry. And argh, how frustrating for it to happen near the end of the stage: With 20 kilometers left in a 168K ride, a pack of riders spilled across the pavement. Hope Lance's fall is nothing too serious that would derail his training and racing for this year's Tour de France.

While Liz spotted deer running out in Cary, Ill., last Sunday, Matt Lauer was deer-railed on his bike over the weekend and didn't make it into work this morning. The morning show host was out riding his bike (probably enjoying the great weather that we were soaking up in Chicago, proving that spring really does exist) on Long Island but a deer run-in threw him from his bike and he landed on his shoulder. He joked about the accident with co-host Meredith Vieria and promises to be back at work on Wednesday after having surgery tomorrow.

Maybe it wasn't a collision with a deer or a cycling race with some of the best in the field, but we've all fallen off our bikes at one point or another. And I'm probably an exception but I've crashed twice too. How many have forgotten to clip out at a stop and tipped over? That'll give you a bruise and maybe a little raspberry. Any classic crashes out there? Here's mine: My front wheel started wobbling on a downhill during a century ride last May and before I knew it I'm flying off the bike and onto the pavement. I rode all of two miles before I was out and checking for loose body parts (phew, no missing teeth or achy joints). Granted I still don't know what exactly happened that day--if it was the bike that had a loose spoke or if I just had issues with controlling my bike which I learned was too bike for me the following month--but it sparked story-telling from my friends who recounted tales of their own mishaps. Or my friend who showed up to Spinning missing more forearm skin than me after a crash that resulted in cracked aerobars, road rash and a busted helmet. Ouch, but at least misery and pain love company and I knew someone as worse-off as me.

What body parts have you banged up on your bike? Have any crashes that you're willing to share? Photo grabbed from realaworld. Posted by Kate

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