Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today Show Does a Triathlon

It's not often that I have melting moments while watching the Today Show. Yes, it's my morning guilty pleasure and probably the only way I'll find out about what's going on in the world and other newsworthy stories since I'll watch trash TV in the evening before tuning in to the news. And yes, I like watching some of the random features from the travel clips to the real estate for sale to the Joy Fit Club inductees. Other times it's really easy for me to tune out the voices, use it as background noise or allow it to serve as a snooze button of sorts. But then there are those moments where it's way too good that I tuned in that morning and I'm nearly bouncing off the walls with excitement. Take Natalie Morales when she was training for the NYC Marathon. Or Matt and Al testing their skill at the Winter Olympics (or baring it all in those tight tight luge speed suits). Or the running 'Today Throws a Wedding' couple.

Once again the Today Show did it. And not just with any sport but with one of my now faves: triathlon. That's right, Natalie Morales and Hoda Kotb are training for a triathlon. Time is ticking down before they complete the sprint race--roughly two weeks to go--but they've been putting in some training hours that viewers can even watch on TV. I seriously thought I was hearing things when triathlon was mentioned before a commercial break a few weeks ago, but as I tuned in was literally overjoyed to watch the training coverage and then hear more about the race. OK, I part of that enjoyment came from feeling better about skipping out on a morning bike ride (Liz and I either mutually decided to pass or the weather was bad) and knowing that I would have missed this news had I been pedaling on the Lakefront. Rumor has it that the instigators were trying to get Kathie Lee Gifford to train with Hoda, but she became the team's cheerleader instead, even holding a swim workout at her home. Nevertheless, trust Natalie to tackle the sporting event and leave Hoda apologizing over her self-coined granny swimming and feeling like a slow poke. Both are training with the Terrier Tri group out of New York City and have coach Rob guiding them through the lap swims, cycling workouts and runs. And they can get some first-hand tips from SELF editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger who's a speed-racing triathlete.

Anyone know where are they working out? I'm curious because the location has it all from spots to put road bikes on trainers rather than simulate on stationary bikes to a desolate swimming pool (my favorite situation for a good workout). Track all of the progress and watch video footage at click here for the first training video and here for the second. Meanwhile, I'm just glad I found a silver lining to skipping a workout and got to watch others in the act. Photo grabbed from Posted by Kate

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