Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today Does a Triathlon Update

Ocean swim? Check. Bike training off the stationary trainer? Check. Running 3 miles? Check. Surviving to cross the finish line? Almost.

For Today Show personalities Natalie Morales and Hoda Kotb, race day is almost here for their first ever triathlon. And if you're like me, you've looked forward to watching the weekly recaps during the show's fourth hour from week to week where we've watched Natalie and Hoda take their workouts from the gym to Kathie Lee Gifford's house to the beachfront boardwalk at Coney Island. They've gone from pool prowlers to open-water divas, recreational cyclists to road warriors, joggers to speedy sprinters--or in Natalie's case, just feeling comfy transitioning from bike to run since we know she runs an impressive 3:30 marathon.

The latest video, unveiled just days before their race in Long Branch, N.J., shows Hoda and Natalie practicing at Coney Island, which you can watch below. My favorite scene? Squeezing into their wetsuits and getting some yanking assistance by Coach Rob Pennino of Terrier Tri. Just way too similar to situations I've gone through. And while they did swim, bike and run, they opted to mix up the disciplines and swim last, although that could probably be explained by the overcast and chilly-looking weather.

Want to join Hoda and Natalie this weekend? Check out all the action or get your race gear set for the War at the Shore Triathlon in Long Branch, N.J. Not only will Hoda and Natalie be sporting two cute tri outfits designed by SELF magazine, but the triathlon itself features two distances to test your triathlon prowess. And as many of us know all too well, minus California and the South, it's only too soon that we'll be either bundling up for outdoor rides or hibernating in the gym. Visit for more info on the race.

And the best news of all is that this triathlon program isn't just for Hoda and Natalie's eyes. Coach Rob of Terrier Tri developed a four-week triathlon training plan exclusively for SELF readers. It helps make the sport approachable and fun and proves that you don't have to train all year for a race. "I look forward to broadening the message that triathlon is a great way to have fun and get fit to the American TV viewing public, and seeing the sport explode in popularity even beyond its current status," Pennino said when the program was first introduced on the Today Show in August.

Good luck to all those racing this weekend and I can't wait for the full race report next week! Videos grabbed from Posted by Kate

One more video from earlier in the training:

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