Tuesday, September 22, 2009

T-Minus 10 Days...Are You For Chicago 2016?

October 2 is creeping up on the calendar faster than we know it. While in most years that date would seem pretty insignificant unless it was marked by a birthday or anniversary, but this year, especially for those of us living in the Windy City, it marks a special announcement. And the end to years worth of campaigning, planning, plotting and presenting. Will Chicago host the Olympic Games in 2016?

The International Olympic Committee announces its decision on October 2 from Copenhagen, Denmark. They're choosing between Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, all of which have been involved marred by bad news at some point during the selection process that could have ruined its chances. And all of which have people for or against the vote. Take Chicago where some locals not backing the bid at home are urging for Rio to get the Games. Or look at the online betting sites where odds are circling over which city gains the greater chance of being named.

In Chicago, the word on the street is that President Obama needs to go to Copenhagen to voice his support of holding the Games in Chicago for his presidential pull and Chicago connection. And the big news yesterday was that Obama was indeed planning to travel to Copenhagen for the October 2 announcement, as rumor had it that Chicago wouldn't get the Games unless Obama made an appearance. Now he's saying he wants to go, while others make a case for Michelle Obama being able to represent her husband just as well especially since she's the Chicago native. For now it's just wait and see for what pans out over October 2.

But in the meantime the all important question is who do you predict will host the 2016 Olympics? Make your vote known and feel free to share any opinions in the comments.

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