Thursday, September 3, 2009

'Gator Gives You Guns

I never thought I'd find myself reading workout tips from People magazine. I've tracked marathon milestones and triathlon triumphs, but I never expected the celebrity mag to teach me something useful about fitness that didn't involve what Audrina Patridge wore to the gym or who's label Hayden Panetierre sported on a hike (those were the most recent features). But the alligator push-up? That was a new one...and after reading its description, I have a feeling I'll be trying it during my next strength workout.

Promising to work your triceps, trainer Eric Paskel taught Kristin Cavallari the gator push-up to work her triceps and shoulders. As Paskel told People magazine, "Start in a plank pose and lower down, just hovering above the ground and using hand and feet, walk yourself forward three steps and three steps back." And Cavallari's not the only Hollywood actress harnessing her inner animal. Sarah Chalke of Scrubs adapted a modified version of this push-up to her core workout.

But don't be confused with the below Kung Fu video showing an alligator push-up. It looks more like a version of the centipede dance move than an alligator creeping along the group, plus it starts in more of a downward facing dog position and races into cobra before moving through the exercise again.

The results? The alligator is no easy move--at least if you lack upper body strength as I do. With back and shoulder strength, I struggled through the alligator push-up as much as I do with a regular push-up. That's mainly because I constantly drop my butt when I get into push-up stance. But I do like how the gator makes you hold the lower stance longer than you would in a normal push-up--I can get down into position and often find myself getting stuck on the way up. And if there's the promise of defined triceps and toned arms? I'll take it. Video from Posted by Kate

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