Monday, September 21, 2009

Today Show Triathlon Viewing Party

Race day wouldn't be complete without a little video footage. The below videos showcase Natalie and Hoda's triumphant day from squeezing into the wetsuit to biking along the shore to crossing the finish line. Natalie recounted getting hit in the head in the swim as a horrific moment and Hoda confessed she got panicky in the water when she saw Coach Rob from Terrier Tri next to her. Natalie with her sub-7s off the bike could even leave her day job to make a career out of triathlon, quipped Coach Rob. And for as much as Hoda downplayed her accomplishment, she did not look like an old lady out there.

And as Hoda said, "It's official. Natalie and I are triathletes!" Videos grabbed from The Today Show. Posted by Kate

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