Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fit-Pic: San Fran or Chicago?

If it weren't for the Aon Tower, John Hancock Building, Lake Point Tower and Navy Pier dotting the skyline on my daily bike ride and the flatlands I pedal more than an occasional bridge-crossing hill, I could have sworn I had been transported from Chicago to San Francisco. Our typical clear and often sunny morning was replaced with a fog that's more often seen in the Bay Area than the Windy City, covering the tops of buildings and lurking like an omen for rainfall. It's situations like this--picture-perfect skyline mornings, clear evenings with a farmers moon in view, sunsets with unique cloud formations and coloring--that make me regret leaving my camera at home. Such was the case when the fog hit yesterday and then again this morning.

Yes, we crab a lot about the weather here at Fit-Ink, but I think it's safe to say that both Liz and I have been frustrated with the conditions we've faced this season especially when it comes to planning morning cycling workouts. While the fog didn't keep us from riding, it did create an eerie atmosphere, especially as I rode home alone and no longer feeling the ride euphoria I usually get on sunny days. So yesterday was no exception, at least for my crabbing, when my sun was replaced with that uncharacteristic fog. The first skyline shots were the best renditions I could muster up from flickr artists to depict the morning. Meanwhile the final shot--which I have yet to post--is the one I took post-ride of the actual conditions (I cheated and opted to take the picture from my house rather than walk back to the Lakefront to show the scene I saw on my ride). But thank goodness it wasn't rain--we both needed and wanted Tuesday's ride and it was well worth it to get out there even if my pristine conditions weren't available. Granted teleporting to San Francisco wouldn't be bad either, both for the hill workout and location change.

This one is similar to what I saw on my ride, as I rounded the turn by the Oak Street Beach.

Photos grabbed from Andrew Ciscel and biblicone at Posted by Kate

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