Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Today Show Melts Me

It's rare that three of my dork nerve centers go off simultaneously. But they did this morning, in a triumvirate of nerd-ness:

1) Watching The Today Show This is embarrassing, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for Matt, Al, Meredith, Ann, Natalie and the rest of the gang.

2) Wedding stuff I think women are hard-wired to melt a little when it comes to weddings. Which is probably why the Today Throws A Wedding series—where viewers vote on every aspect of a couple's wedding, from the dress to the cake to the honeymoon locale—is so successful that they seem to roll it out a half dozen times a year.

3) Running I don't know why it gives me such joy, but I love to run, I love to read about running, I love to watch runners, etc. (Well, there could be worse vices, I suppose.) Anyway, one of the finalist couples (vying to have their wedding paid for and documented by NBC) featured on this morning's ep, Leigh Daniel and Nick Cordes, is a pair of super-accomplished Midwest runners with a little Chicago connection. As reported by Chicago Running Examiner Brenda Barrera, the Ohio-based couple coaches running at Ashland University. Leigh ran a 28:46 and finished 9th overall at the 2004 Shamrock Shuffle. Nick ran a 2:20:32 at the 2003 Chicago Marathon. Anyway, if you're as much of a nerd as I am, you can vote for Leigh and Nick by clicking here. Posted by Liz

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  1. I saw this too--and voted for them since they were runners :) I still can't believe they were kicked out of the Olympic Development Program for dating



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