Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Red Rover, Red Rover, Will Summer Come Over?

Dear Summer,

How are you? How did the winter treat you? It was pretty brutal over here between days where the temperature didn't crack zero and wind chills that made me think I had moved to Alaska. And we didn't even get enough snow to play in--I only snowshoed along the lake once and the novelty wore off when it was freezing after the next slight snowfall. We couldn't wait for winter to end--well, aside from the ski trips to Utah and Colorado that made the cold bearable--but boy did it drag on this year. Did you notice the same?

I was just thinking about's been awhile since we last saw one another. We definitely should get together soon as there's a ton to show you around here. That and I really love to hit the Lakefront Path and ride my bike regularly--get in some midweek sweat sessions without wearing the same cycling jacket I thought I'd buy just-in-case last season and have now found myself wearing it every time I get out to ride when the weather is halfway decent.

But I'm really missing our time spent on the beach. Come on, don't you remember sneaking out there, or even to the pool deck, at the first sign of sun and warm weather in May, even April? My arms have barely seen the light of day this year as they're always snuggled under a fleece. And now I'm asked weekly if I'm sick because my face is looking so pale, especially for this time of year. I'm not even going to mention the rest of my body and how it's missing its summer glow.

I know I should be thankful that I can run without rising at the crack of dawn to hit the path before the heat becomes unbearable, but even that's difficult to do when it rains or sprinkles nearly every day, usually when I'm about to change and go. And then when I do get out, I look at the boats in the harbors momentarily wondering why so many are on shore only to realize that it's the sunny, warm days that bring out the boat traffic. How about the swims in the lake? I'm really having a hard time swimming laps in the's difficult to log a mile without getting bored, or I'm constantly fighting for a lane to use. Or what about the triathlon training programs that are supposed to start open-water swimming this weekend? I think my lips would turn blue.

So summer, I'm really wondering when you might make an appearance this year. We're really getting antsy for your arrival. I know I would like to forget about wearing my heavy fleece for at least a few months. And I'd like some consistent weekends lounging in the sun catching up on my reading after a morning bike ride. Or maybe even get a run when I'm so sweaty it looks like I jumped in the lake before heading home. Any luck? I really don't want you to show up again in October. I don't think I could handle a third hot Chicago Marathon. I'd like to enjoy your company when the beaches are open, the grass is green and the trees are full of leaves instead.

Miss you,

Photo grabbed from Flipped Out at flickr. Posted by Kate

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