Monday, May 11, 2009

Twitter Your Way to a 5K

Twittering...tweeting...tinkering...whatever you call the postings, news and status updates at is going running. Literally. From now until the end of May (May 30 at 11:30 PDT to be exact) you can make your mark on Twitter with the Tweet 5K, a virtual 5K with friendly competition and fundraising involved. Keep those status updates (I hope that's what they're called as I'm more of a Facebook user than a twitter-er) going and see just how fast you can run.

For $10--$40 with a T-shirt or free with tee if you raise at least $100, which goes toward Athletes for a Cure--you can sign up to be part of this virtual run, gunning for rights to be one of the first, largest or unique virtual races ever run. Or as the organizers like to call it the first race run in 140 characters--you know, those limiters to how much you can write on a twitter feed. But you have to be on the honor system as you submit those 5K results, either running the 3.1 miles in a local race, on a certified 5K course (need a course? can help find one) or around a 400m track. And you only have three shots at submitting your fastest time so you have to make them count. It's the fastest time that can make you eligible for some cash rewards, $1,000 for the first male and female overall, and then prizes--cash or cool--for age group winners.

Just like a typical 5K, but at least this time you're not bound by time restraints. Maybe there are some fast midnight runners out there? While I've never done it--and honestly not about to start now--I wonder if I'd run faster when it's dark and late at night with my mind racing that someone is going to scare me? Photo grabbed from Mykl Rovertine at flickr. Posted by Kate

Note: I know I said I'm more Facebook than Twitter, but you can follow Fit-Ink at Twitter. Just search for us at Fit-Ink or runchirun.

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