Monday, May 25, 2009

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 5/25

Thanks to a little misfortune from the weather gods, my Memorial Day outdoor plans came to a halt when the rains came pouring down. So for lack of motivation to plan in the chilly rain, I'm once again catching up on some online reading. Sure, I'm probably doing far too much of that these days--especially since I find myself reading far more than writing and keeping up with the trends at Fit-Ink, or taking advantage of the start to warmer weather--but it can't be that bad being a bookworm. Among the stories, here are a few favorites:
  • The Today Show uncovers eight health mistakes that even those who try to stay on top of being healthy are prone to make. I'm guilty as charged off the bat at No. 1: ordering a salad.
  • Meet the Yoga King. He has everyone--including celebrities--flocking to his Los Angeles classes and embracing sun salutations, asanas and more.
  • Need a healthy recipe to add some variety to your dinner regime? Find new eats and healthy treats at the Rodale Recipe Finder (click either here or here to check out two slightly different versions)
  • Prevention uncovers meals you can make in five minutes that promise to keep your belly tucked and trim. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, good fats from olives, seeds and nuts, they sound tasty, savory and downright delicious.
  • Go U Northwestern! I'm just too excited to share the news from my alma mater as it collects yet another win in women's lacrosse--fifth national championship for the Wildcats. And for an inspirational read, check out this New York Times article about Jaclyn Murphy and her connection to this dynasty.
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