Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keep on Voting for Charitable Giving

A while back I posted the news about voting for one of five organizations competing for Redwood Creek's top prize in the Greater Outdoors Project. Well, it's not too late to vote--you have until May 31 before the contest ends--and your vote can make a difference in determining the winner. Among the five finalists the competition is close and they're all vying for the $50,000 grant and chance at appearing in a national ad campaign.

While some of the project may not directly affect you or your community, they're definite worthy causes. I keep thinking that I'll come to thank one of the project's work, if not more, in the future thanks to vacation, relocation or helping to inspire a project close to home. That's the other reason I'm having so much trouble casting my vote although Redwood Creek makes it easy and allows me to vote twice per day, once online and once by text, from now until the contest's end. So even if I'm undecided I can mix up the voting. Maybe not the best idea since the competition is already close, but it works for me.

A reminder on the projects:
  • Arizona Trail Association: The Arizona Trail is a continuous, non-motorized 817-mile scenic trail. Today, 95 percent of the trail is complete. The grant would be used to build some of the most difficult remaining miles. Due to the remote location in a rugged wilderness area, these miles must be constructed by hand. Not only will the grant help complete the trail, it will allow access into backcountry near Tucson and protect a sensitive riparian area as well. Text code: trail
  • Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey: Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey protects rare wildlife populations and the habitats they depend on. With the grant, it will plant over 20 acres of wildlife habitat at Ponder Lodge, a former golf course. Located on the popular Cape May Peninsula, the project will maximize the site for use by wildlife, especially migratory birds, and people for outdoor recreation. Text code: conserve
  • Friends of City Park: Friends of City Park is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of 150-year-old New Orleans City Park. The grant would be used to reestablish 19 acres of ecosystems in the Couturie Forest, a popular woodland, nestled at the center of the park’s 1,300 acres, that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Text code: park
  • National Forest Foundation: The National Forest Foundation promotes the health and enjoyment of the National Forest System. The grant would be used to establish 10 miles of trail that lead to Whychus Creek in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains using the most appropriate path to protect natural resources. It would also replant 10 acres of native species to enhance streamside habitat. Text code: forest
  • WildEarth Guardians: WildEarth Guardians protects and restores wildlife, wild rivers and wild places in the American West. Its Santa Fe River “Stream Team” project coincides with the city’s 400th anniversary this year. The grant would be used to restore a three-mile historic stretch of waterway and build a trail reconnecting the community with its namesake river. Text code: earth
To vote, head to the online portal to select your organization of choice or text one of the above codes to 39668. Find out more details at the Greater Outdoors site by Redwood Creek. Posted by Kate

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