Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Fitness Tonight

Quick! Drop your plans for fitness tonight if you're in Chicago. Head over to HiFi Fitness at North Avenue and Kingsbury in the Lincoln Park neighborhood for another free fitness class. Core Fitness, which brought a free Beach Body workout to the beach on Monday, is offering another freebie tonight at 7 p.m. This time you'll get to experience Core Running without having to dole out cash from the wallet.

Perfect for any runner or wannabe runner looking to improve stride, speed, overall fitness and prevent injury, Core Running gets to the heart of the matter in an hour full of drills, stretches and strength moves. It promises to get your sweat on and add a spring to your stride next time you're out for a run. And if you have any tender spots prone to injury (i.e. me and an ailing hip), you'll learn some stretches to help strengthen those areas to keep you healthy on the trail.

Need more convincing? Check out the class description at the Core Fitness website and just think about the dollars you could be saving for a post-workout snack. Posted by Kate

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