Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keep the Feet Running

Did you have your eyes set on running October's Bank of America Chicago Marathon only to have your dreams dashed when the general event registration closed last month? Granted you can still sign up for a charity team, slots are available through select charities by checking the event website, but Nike poses a challenge for any runner seeking a sold-out spot. Challenge your feet, legs and endurance to a battle of the fittest--or maybe it's furthest--in the 100 Miles to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Challenge through Nike+. The goal: to see how far your legs can take you running through May 31 and to reach at least 100 miles on your Nike+ system. If you reach the 100-mile mark by May 31, you could score a coveted entry into the Chicago Marathon. And if you are the lucky winner you'll not only know where you'll be running on October 11 but you'll be featured on the Nike Running site. Talk about 30 seconds of fame.

Sign up for the Nike+ challenge online at the Nike+ site and start, or continue, logging your miles through May 31. With Memorial Day ahead, it's the perfect chance to work on those miles and rack up the distance while enjoying the outdoors. And it's not bad for toning those spots that aren't quite swimsuit ready. Are you up for the challenge? Check out all of the details here. Sample Nike+ challenge, photo grabbed from Posted by Kate

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