Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Before the Fiesta and Cerveza, Try These Cinco de Mayo Moves

Margaritas, nachos, Corona, cerveza, tacos, burritos, guacamole. Yes, I'll admit that Mexican-themed food pops into my head before the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo--one holiday that Chicagoans seemingly love to celebrate. But after reading an Eat This, Not That article looking at the 9 Healthiest Mexican Foods at some popular chain locations, I was a little fearful of battling the bulge after a little too much fiesta. So if you're looking for a workout before the imbibing and fried-food feast begins, check out a few of these options:
  • Ride your bike to work. We've been so lucky to finally see signs of spring's warmer weather and more sun, so take the two wheels out of the garage and cycle your commute. You'll feel refreshed, even energized from the ride, burn some calories and can easily get away with skipping the gym tonight.
  • Make it a female fun run night. Head to Fleet Feet Sports Piper's Alley for the women's night fun run. The run starts at 6:30 p.m. and women who attend regularly can log miles to earn cool Nike gear. Plus you'll get refreshments after pounding the pavement and know you've revved your metabolism enough to go out later.
  • Go coed at Running Away. At North Avenue, just off Ashland, Running Away Multisport kicks off its fun run at 6:30 p.m. and is open to men and women. Store your gear at the store and then hits the streets.
  • Pick a class. Gym schedules don't change unless it's a major holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or the Fourth of July. So whatever you've had your eyes set on for Tuesday night--yoga, Pilates, Spinning or boot camp--you can still plan on attending.
  • Bike tour. You might have to play hooky to take part, but if you want to tour Obama's neighborhood, check out the Bike Obama tour by Bobby's Bike Hike. Bikes and helments are included in the 20-mile tour that travels the lakefront and through Hyde Park.
  • Salsa dancing lessons. The cool part about this option is you can already be out at Nacional 27 to take part in this dancing workout. The latin-themed Lettuce Entertain You Chicago hot-spot is serving up free salsa lessons for beginners.
  • Bikram yoga. Sweat it out in a 105-degree room at Bikram Yoga Lincoln Park as you move through traditional yoga moves. You'll leave panting and wet (change of clothes is advised) but with a good workout under your belt.
These are just a few of the happenings around the Windy City for the day, but there are plenty more ways to stay active whether you're sharing the city with us or living elsewhere. More events, more sporting options, more excuses to head outdoors. What are you planning for your Cinco de Mayo? Posted by Kate

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