Monday, May 18, 2009

Contests, Giveaways and a Special Celebration

We're all about sharing the blog world love here at Fit-Ink. Without some of our favorite reads online--half of which we probably still have to share with you all as it's been a busy month now that the weather's getting nice--we'd be a fledgling idea with nowhere to go and simply something that Liz and I would talk about over e-mail or during bike rides (which we're hoping to start up again soon, if I could get over my fear of taking my bike out for the first ride of the season). And we like to think there'd be no Fit-Ink without some blogs preceding us in cyberspace--and we hope we're not stepping on any toes with content and such.

Anyway, one of these inspirations that proved to us that starting Fit-Ink was indeed possible is celebrating a birthday this week--Fit Bottomed Girls. We met one of the gals behind Fit Bottomed Girls last October while at the Nike campus for the launch of the Sister series shoes and some cool new women's training gear. By chance, I shared a ride to the airport with Erin from FBG, learned about their start, and by the time I was boarding my plane back to Chicago, I was convinced that our ideas had to move beyond paper. But the cool part is that the Fit Bottomed Girls are celebrating their one-year birthday this week. Yay and congratulations! And the best part is one that we can all benefit from. To celebrate their site they're offering some great giveaways all week long, and some fun posts to look back on their first year. Check out the schedule for the week and try to score some of the awesome fit items. I'm gunning for the TRX system--I tried it at a class earlier this month (stay tuned for a write-up in the June issue of Windy City Sports if you're in the Chicago area) and was hooked. And if I could win it...I'm all for freebies as I've hinted or stated before.

The Schedule at
Post: The Fitties
Giveaway: The Firm Balance Ball

Post: 2009 FBG of the Year
Giveaway: Reebok EasyTone Sneakers

Post: Fun FBG Stats
Giveaway: Anchor Bay workout DVD packs

Post: Best FBG One Liners Taken Out of Context
Giveaway: A lucy outfit

Post: What Would You Like to See More of?
Giveaway: Nike gym bag

Post: Most Popular Posts on FBG/FBG's Fave Posts
Giveaway: Acacia Workout DVD packs

Giveaway: A TRX Home-Training Bundle and 3 FBG tees

Photo from Fit Bottomed Girls. Posted by Kate

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  1. Thanks for the love, Kate! Jenn and I seriously wish WE could win some of what we're giving away this week! :)



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