Monday, April 18, 2011

Top 10 Boston Marathon Memories from 2011

Even when you spend far more time on the race course than you intend, plan and hope for, the Boston Marathon always seems to go by in a blur. Once your bus pulls into the parking lot at Hopkinton, it's like a ticking bomb counting down ever so quickly until the start gun goes off. While my race may have been a disaster (stay tuned for the race report on this one--hopefully tomorrow), I still managed to enjoy the sights and scenes on my way into Boston and across the finish line. Meanwhile, many others had awesome races, especially from the rumblings I heard about the elites before I had a chance to check the results. During the day I was curious about how the elite race panned out, and now that it's over I'm wishing my hotel room had Universal Sports so I could re-watch the race when it comes back on at midnight. But until I can actually watch that coverage, I'm working off this list of my top 10 memories from the 2011 Boston Marathon:

1. Desiree Davila finishing second by two seconds, PR'ing and becoming ridiculously close to being the first American woman to win Boston since Lisa Rainsberger in 1985 (2:22:38)
2. Kara Goucher's first marathon back after baby and she PR'd, besting her time from the 2008 NYC marathon (2:24:52)
3. Ryan Hall besting his own American record and finishing fourth in 2:04:58.
4. Joan Benoit Samuelson's age group win in 2:51:29. She still has it at 53, even if she doubted her ability to finish under 3 hours this time around.
5. Seeing the Pesky Pole Marathoner on the course--I knew he existed from Flickr pictures, but can't remember if I've actually seen him on the course.
6. The costumed on-course entertainment. A guy ran nearly in the buff, only wearing a tiny loin cloth, some cloth wrapped around his bicep and a long black wig (I wish I had my camera with me for that one). The very convincing guy dressed as a girl cheering the runners from the sidelines--he even caught a photographer's attention as I saw him in this slideshow. The two guys dressed in suits and running--one only had the tie and jacket, but the other even donned the pants.
7. The number of Nike shoes I kept spotting. There were Lunaracers, original LunarGlides (this woman's looked so clean compared to my first pair, which are too worn out to use for running), LunarGlides 2+, Frees, Pegasus 27+.
8. The number of charity runners. So many singlets and T-shirts for Dana-Farber, Children's Hospital, Griffin's Friends, Bailey's Team for Autism, the Boston College bookstore, and countless others that I read as I ran but can't remember now.
9. The screaming girls of Wellesley. I knew they were loud but they seemed even louder than before--and I couldn't block them out as well as I usually do, I think a result of my iPod dying as I passed the campus.
10. The epic fail of my own race 55 minutes in. More on that in another entry.

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