Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hakuna Tabata

When it comes to workouts, I'll try just about anything. I might be awful at it--and trip over my own two feet--but I'll stumble through whatever is new and exciting at the gym. If it's a workout that burns calories fast and leaves me sweating buckets, then count me in immediately. Tabata is just one of those workouts, something I was introduced to at Equinox Fitness Clubs and wish that I had a membership so I could return again and again and again.

Why? I was exhausted, sore and soaked. And I left feeling like my muscles got more of a workout in 20 minutes than they had in days--felt it even more the next day when my legs and abs ached. That means Tabata did its job--high intensity training performed for a short amount of time but with maximum repetitions. It only takes four minutes to exercise a muscle group, and the moves, equipment used (if any) and muscles worked change constantly. I explain it all at buzz.snow.com where you'll find all the details on this four-minute workout.

Photo grabbed from cynergytraining.com.

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