Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ski Tips You Can Take Running

It starts in early March, right around the time the weather around here usually shows us a peek of the warmer temps to come. Ski or run? Run or ski? My body wants both, I love both, but I have to choose one, often at the detriment of the other. Lately I've leaned more toward the skiing, saving the running for the rest of the year--there's plenty of time to hit the path as I wait for the next ski season to roll around.

Turns out that all that fitness I worked on all winter pays off on the run--and not just in the speed department. I might be forced to learn those lessons the hard way--just take Monday's race, er mission, to the Boston Marathon finish line--but at least I know I've found a way to apply skiing to running. Want to know what I'm talking about? Check out my latest Top 5 list at buzz.snow.com, showcasing ski skills that translate to running.

There's one more to add to the list that's more personal preference than research-based. And it's one tip that I'm hoping will work in my favor in a few days when I squeeze in a few more days to my 'endless winter' ski season. As much as we might hate squeezing our feet into ski boots, they work wonders on ankle issues encountered on the run. My body, especially my legs, are starting to hate running's constant pavement pounding. Last year, a week in my ski boots helped ease the tension on my Achilles, a pulling that couldn't be saved by physical therapy homework, stretching or yoga (I'd still feel it). This year, same thing, the boots eased all the tired muscles from my most likely overworked legs. The twinge in the heel? Gone. The sore arch that sounds the start of plantar fasciitis? Gone. I'm hoping the walking cast-like capabilities work again this time around.

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