Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trade Running Miles for Skiing?

I've had skiing on the brain way too much this season. Being that the sport burns calories and keeps me fit when I'm bundled head to toe back at home to counter that Chicago wind, I can't confess it's an unhealthy amount but it certainly is bordering on obsessive. But if the snow out west keeps up--another foot or more in some Colorado spots this morning--I honestly can't help myself. It's cold at home, and well, I just don't do cold. I skip runs on the Lakefront when I'm still wearing ski gloves, hats and heavy coats to move about town.

Yet I think I may have just helped my running, through skiing, mind you. But you'll have to click here to see what I mean--I explained it all at buzz.snow.com. It might not make me the fastest runner out there, but I’ll take it if it means I can spend my winters on skis—I’d rather skip layering to look like an armed robber anyway. Those quad burning ski days helped in my half marathon and I’m hoping they can pull me through a 26.2 miler in 20 days. Yes, Boston really is that close. And that could be just the excuse I need to ski again before season’s end. 

Photo grabbed from Vail's Facebook page.

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