Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ski Spa Not Just for Non-Skiers

Spa days--massage spa days--are a bit of a foreign concept at my house. You could almost say I go by that motto: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That is, unless I'm writhing in pain, to the point where a training session is hindered or my race pace slows to a walk. But one way I found to alleviate those pains, and reset my muscles, posture and alignment was through massage.

Now I could go on for days recounting massage's saving graces during triathlon and run season, but I'd probably start to sound just like any other battered athlete who went out for one too many training sessions without recovering. However, it was that mentality--the go, go, go until your legs fall off--and a few generous gifts from some ski resort visits that made me fully comprehend that relationship between ski and spa.

Sure, the first thought is the spa exists at the ski resort for the guests in your party who will never make it onto the slopes regardless of your cajoling. While you're out skiing, they can live it up indoors with a massage, a facial, some aromatherapy, maybe even a dip in the hot tub followed by a steam bath. But I explored the other side of massage, its benefits for tired ski legs, in my latest post at

I know I could use some of that rejuvenation right now. My right quad was screaming at me on Monday when I tried to squeeze in as many runs as I could before the lifts closed. Do you know the feeling?

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