Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Powder Day Play

There's no denying it: I wish I was skiing.

Who can blame me? My Facebook and Twitter feeds are loaded with snow reports, winter has returned to the Windy City in one of its ugliest possible forms (rain and gray skies), and my ski gear is still sitting in my living room, proof that I'm still hoping to make another trip back.

And if I could--time and money-wise--there's one spot I'd be sure to hit up at Keystone. Its backcountry. If I thought the conditions were good last year for my backcountry adventure with the Keystone Adventure Tours, they could only be as good or better this year thanks to all the snow that keeps falling. Whatever the case may be, it's an unparalleled adventure that should land on everyone's must-ski list. To see why, you'll want to check out this post from buzz.snow.com.

Then maybe you'll feel blue like me...thousands of miles away and the slimmest margin imaginable to see that snowcat and ski its terrain before next season. But I'll stop my whining.

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