Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Add This To Your Bucket List (If You're a Skier)

If I wasn't going to be heading to Boston in less than two weeks to stumble my way through the 115th Boston Marathon, I'd be plotting a return trip to Colorado. Not only can I not get enough of the state for its skiing, but the snow reports practically stab me in the heart when I see them in my newsfeed. If those weren't enough reason to hit up the slopes, Breckenridge has an event next weekend that's calling to the triathlete daredevil in me. It's name? The Imperial Challenge. You can read more about by reading my post at buzz.snow.com.

The only problem is I'm not so sure I'd survive--the Chicago in me is one disadvantage. The others are my complete lack of experience with skinning and dislike for carrying my skis when hiking uphill (and that's just making it into Catherine's Area at Alta, tiny in comparison). But I can dream, right?

Photo grabbed from buzz.snow.com.

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