Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mud, Sweat and Tears

I don't even live in Colorado but I'm sad to see some of my favorite ski haunts closed for the season. It means the epic season is in the books, as final as the season snow totals from years past. It means stowing the skis and boards and other winter gear in the closet, especially if you know the chances of you making it to an open resort like A-Basin, Loveland, Squaw or Alta to name a few are next to none. But you don't have to leave the mountains for good until the 2011-12 season rolls around. Instead you could take all that fitness you acquired over the winter and funnel it into another pursuit.

One that could fit the bill is the Tough Mudder, happening at Beaver Creek Resort on June 25 and 26. But the catch is that this event might actually be tougher than anything you'd encounter when you're on skis. And if it's not tougher, it certainly is dirtier. And scarier. And probably even more lung-busting--running in the mountains always feels so much harder than skiing, doesn't it? You can decide for yourself by reading more at

For all its craziness--hello, sliding through mud to pass under wires, swinging on the monkey bars, sprinting through a fire-laced field?--Tough Mudder, Beaver Creek style, still sounds oddly appealing. Apparently I'm not alone in thinking this either...the race already has 3,000 or so registrants, and there's still room for more. Hmm, if I can figure out what the heck is keeping me out of commission and mend in time, I just might have to add it to my calendar. But please, don't shock me too much at obstacle 22.

Photo courtesy of Tough Mudder.



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