Monday, May 10, 2010

We Want to Know All About Baby Goucher

At Fit-Ink, we're super excited to hear that Kara Goucher is pregnant. After all, we've admittedly been obsessed with this hot-to-trot marathoner since her debut at the 2008 New York City Marathon and have blogged about her since she prepared for the 2009 Boston Marathon. With baby's expected arrival in September, it got us thinking what others were thinking of baby. And who doesn't love playing baby guessing games? Check these polls out for Baby Goucher, and share your guesses and comments.

And this one...

And one more, I promise...

The Due Date poll closes on September 15, so get those guesses in--add your exact date choice to the comments section (if you're having trouble, e-mail it to We just might have to do a giveaway--our first to date--for this baby pool. Details will follow, as I could be getting in over my head, but I'll come up with something as it wouldn't be a baby pool without some sort of contest involved. Let the guessing begin!

P.S. My husband thinks I'm nuts for going gaga over this Goucher baby--"Why does everyone get so excited over babies?" he asked. I think he freaked that I wanted one--with an Ironman coming up that's so far from the truth--but I answered, "Why not? We get excited over anything about Kara Goucher!"


  1. Hmmm, he's a runner, she's a runner, no way the baby will wait for the due date! I'm guessing September 15th.

  2. I hate to ruin two of the polls, but Kara and Adam are expecting a little boy! I'm a fan of her's on facebook, and her sister sent out an announcement to all the fans about the news!

    I too am probably a little too excited about all this. We are also expecting our first baby (a boy!) in September. So while I am not nearly the caliber runner she is, it is fun to have something else so wonderful in common with the Gouchers :)

  3. Kovas--love the thought process behind baby's arrival :)

    Kate--no worries, thanks for sharing the news and that's awesome you got the news about the boy--I totally missed the announcement. Congratulations go out to you too! Have you been able to stick with running through pregnancy? It's awesome to have a tie like that to the Gouchers--I jealous :)




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