Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to the FBGs

This week is exciting for anyone who's into fitness. Friday is Bike to Work Day (although Chicago likes to have a separate holiday next month). Today, Wednesday is the Ride of Silence to commemorate those who've lost their lives on bicycles. Last weekend held several marathons, half marathons, shorter races and triathlons, and next weekend promises to do the same. But the happy news that we're sharing here? The Fit Bottomed Girls turn two today. Why we like that? They were our inspiration for starting Fit-Ink, proving that you can make a go at a fitness-focused website.

Tune into for lots of goodies. Yes, some of them are already done--sorry about the delay on my end for sharing the news--but there are still plenty more before the week is out. On Monday they unveiled new partnerships and FBG features. The Fitties, awards going to their favorite fitness products for the year, came out on Tuesday. Today you can check out the Noshies, more awards, but this time they go to the best bites of the year. Thursday you can read about the Fit Bottomed Girl of the Year; last year it was swimmer Dara Torres. On Friday you'll get a peek at the most popular posts of the year. And Saturday, be sure to tune in for the "How Well Do You Know the FBGs" quiz.

And among all of these great reads, you also have a chance to win some prizes from some of their sponsors like Nike, TRX, lucy and Vega. Check them out--I love these girls!

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