Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 5/12

Do rainy days ever get you down? They definitely know how to ruin my mood and more often than not throw my schedule out of whack, too. What does that statement mean? It's my admittance to being both slow and uninteresting in today's commentary. But I wanted to write something so I turned to what others were writing instead. Here's a few items that caught my eye:
  • I've periodically checked in with Fitness editor Rachel as she shares her tale about training for her first triathlon. And, well, after this weekend she should be able to call herself a triathlete, as long as an injury, kick during the swim or bike malfunction don't get in way.  Follow her adventures at this blog and be sure to vote on the outfit she should wear at the Aflac Iron Girl Las Vegas.
  • Gosselin siting! I really shouldn't get that excited over news involving reality stars Jon and Kate Plus Eight. After all, the show's off the air--Kate was already voted off Dancing with the Stars-- and the media circus surrounding this couple and their legal woes has finally calmed down. But Girls on the Run had a Kate and Cara (one of the nine-year-old twins) sighting at a 5K over the weekend--see this photo for more. And that was news worth repeating.
  • Whose abs need some definition after a winter hidden under heavy, warm layers? Sure, the temperatures in Chicago really have us doubting the end of winter, but even so we probably want to be prepared for baring all. If you weren't ready to sport your bikini bod when it was 80 in April, get yourself in shape with these ab busters from Mari Winsor and Shape.
  • It's practically impossible to tote weights with you when you're on the go and traveling, and you know you can't bring a treadmill or elliptical to ensure you'll stay on top of your workouts (if I'm driving to Michigan I'll bring my bike and trainer, but that's another story). But check out these seven essential--and easy to tote--items that will keep you fit regardless of where you're going and how tiny your luggage may be.
And let's hope this rain, gray and cold goes away to put us all in a better mood tomorrow.

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