Monday, May 3, 2010

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 5/3

What a weekend of racing! I was psyched for my friends battling the rain during their half marathon and marathon in Pittsburgh, especially since I couldn't motivate myself to do much on my own. And my Ironman enthusiasm kicked up with the inaugural running of 140.6 miles in St. George, Utah--a race I had to talk myself out of registering for when it was announced last year. Good thing too--I don't think I could train through the winter and I freaked when I heard how cold the swim could potentially be.

All these events meant a lot of online following over the weekend and checking up on the official results come this morning. Here's where I was pointing and clicking:
  • Hats off to anyone who ran the Pittsburgh Marathon and half marathon. The skies opened up just after the race start and didn't let up. There's a soaker that guarantees bragging rights for years to come. I followed my friends' progress with this maptracker and then looked up their results.
  • Michael Weiss became the first Austrian man to win an Ironman title while Heather Wurtele dominated the bike and didn't look back until she crossed first at Ironman St. George. If you want 17 hours of action, read, or if you just want the basics, read Kevin Mackinnon's report.
  • The women's half marathon race at Saturday's Illinois Marathon was a close fight for one, two and three, according to the results. Random tidbit: I spoke to second-place finisher Heather Prekop yesterday who said that winner Grace Kimani came out of nowhere to win. Fleet Feet Chicago racers Prekop (1:22:39) and Christina Overbeck (1:22:40) ran together the whole race and Kimani slipped by at the last second to edge them by 0.03.
  • Runners also took to the races in Wisconsin, Eugene, Providence, and Flying Pig Cincinnati. My favorite was reading Bart Yasso's status update with the Runner's World Challenge runners.
And not to go all race crazy...I mixed it up a bit, too:
Photo grabbed from miss_k70 at flickr.

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