Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Give an Adventure Gift

How refreshed do you feel after a week in the woods--not necessarily the literal interpretation--where you're out of the city on an adventure vacation? And how much do you love trying something new on that adventure, especially when you have that "ah ha" moment where you feel like you've mastered the basics of the skill? It feels pretty good, right? Wouldn't you like to share that feeling with others? How about helping a few kids experience these adventures and explorations you love?

You can: by supporting Chicago Adventure Therapy, which provides adventurous experiences to at-risk youth. The organization takes kids into Chicago's urban wilderness and teaches them sports like hiking, kayaking, biking and rock climbing, and in the process the kids become empowered and learn responsibility. Basically they're removed from their comfort zone and asked to make decisions and solve problems in this unfamiliar environment, but they come out better people. For more details on adeventure therapy, check this out.

How can you support this group? Come to their fundraiser on Thursday night at Stanley's Kitchen and Tap, 1971 N. Lincoln in Chicago. Show up, purchase a ticket at the door for $50 and be prepared to have a fun night out at the Night of Improv. You'll enjoy entertainment courtesy of improv group Virgin Daiquiri, drink specials, raffle prizes, a silent auction and a "life auction." Plus how can you resist samplings of Stanley's menu--pizza, hot dogs topped with Mustard Girl mustards, tater tots, burrito wraps and lots of veggies--without dropping a dime once you're inside? And you're helping kids at the same time.

Sure, you're attendance might feel like retail therapy where you're comforted for the evening, but your support of adventure therapy helps contribute to kids' long-term effects. For more info, check out chicagoadventuretherapy.org or the Facebook invite. Photo grabbed from Chicago Adventure Therapy.

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