Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on Kara Goucher's Baby

Here's a big old faux pas on my end. As the news trickles out about Kara Goucher's pregnancy and I'm getting excited over the guessing games and baby banter that typically explode after hearing "I'm pregnant," I'm even more out of the loop than I thought I was. Yes, I missed Friday's New York Times article. Yes, I missed Saturday's Runner's World tweet. But I thought by Sunday--and even Monday morning that I was all caught up. So. Far. From. The. Truth.

I received a comment this morning in response to the baby news (and for some unknown reason it can't be viewed live at Fit-Ink) that left me wondering how I could miss the most obvious baby news of all and left me hunched over in shame for getting so excited to create baby polls without researching more for the story. As Kate shared: "I hate to ruin two of the polls, but Kara and Adam are expecting a little boy! I'm a fan of her's on facebook, and her sister sent out an announcement to all the fans about the news!"

That's odd. I'm a fan on Facebook too, unless there's a hidden page that I just can't seem to find. Thanks Kate for correcting the error of my ways! Much appreciated! And sure enough, when I went to read my morning Runner's World headlines, an awesome interview was published late last night confirming the boy on the way and talking about some of the reasoning behind the pregnancy's hush-hush early on. It's a great read--check it out here.

So with two polls basically irrelevant now with all the news that's unfolded in the last 72 hours, there's still one in the running. And it can potentially be the most fun: guessing the day Boy Goucher is born. Here's a re-post of the Due Date poll (as I called it) created yesterday. The rules are still the same: Guess the date range of when you think this baby will make his grand entrance and click the appropriate box. Then in the comments section, write the actual date you're thinking. And while you're writing in your date, feel free to include your take on the name Kara and Adam should give to their son. Granted with all of the planning that has gone into this pregnancy, they might already have a name, too. But birth dates and name games never get too old for opining.

Photo grabbed from Etsy Ketsy at flickr.


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