Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fit-Pic: Is This Weather an April Fool's Joke?

With the temperatures hitting at least 80 degrees in Chicago today, it's hard to believe that the calendar is April 1 and not July 1. The only tell-tale signs that it's barely spring and not summer are the bare trees, no lifeguard stands or Oak Street Beachstro in the sand, and water that not even crazies would stick their feet into.

After seeing plenty of shorts and sundresses earlier in the day--and my own donning of the flip flops--I had to head to the beach and check out the scenery. I was all too curious as to what I might find and it came as no surprise to see cyclists, runners, walkers and inline skaters plus more people in the sand than what I remember counting on my last day at the beach last fall. And to just think that we get to enjoy one more day like this tomorrow.

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