Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get Outside and Play!

The calendar reads March 31 but it feels more like May 31--if we're having an early start to summer--or July 31, with summer-like temperatures in full swing. The sun's out, the mercury is rising, up at least 20 degrees from the time some started their work days, and light layers are making their appearance around town. We're dining out, running, riding and playing in the park: sure signs that spring has sprung, for this week anyway. Whoo hoo, although I pity anyone who is stuck in the rain or trapped at a desk.

I know how you feel: I'm stuck indoors this afternoon and can only longingly gaze out my window--which unfortunately provides a few of Lake Michigan and its clear blue waters (today, anyway). Lucky enough to be outside a few hours ago, I can now only wish to be continuing my active pursuits in the 70-degree weather. And daydreaming of a few more:

Running. We'll run in rain, snow, sleet and sun. It never matters what Mother Nature throws at us as you're likely to find at least one hearty soul trotting through it. And today is all too perfect of a day--and a reminder of what we still have months to enjoy--not to lace up those running shoes, leave the treadmill behind and sweat it out on the trail.

Biking. My bike is still hooked up to my indoor trainer--and unused most of the winter at that--but I'm still itching to dust off the cobwebs and take it out for a spin. Commuting from one location to the next with my city bike only fueled my fire for more serious riding. That and the spin bike with my name on it as the gym (or close to it, I've spent so many hours there in the off-season) could use a break.

Sunning. Not an active pursuit by any means, but this sun-crazed soul is craving it. Plus vitamin D is good for you, and its best source is the sun. I'm hoping to make it to the Lakefront to count the number of people laying out--those first few summer-like days always seem to draw a crowd.

Walking on the beach. Sand between my toes is a common occurrence June through August, and my feet have been anxious to bust out in flip flops since bundled in boots and heavy socks for what was starting to feel like forever. Even if I don't have time to run, a walk could do the body good.

Kayaking, rowing and boating. The boats are just starting to make their way to the shoreline harbors but I can't help but have water sports on the brain with the nice weather. It's too cold to swim in the lake's bone-chilling waters but a lifejacket and vow to stay steady on the surface means an afternoon of kayaking, rowing the channel used by the Lincoln Park Boat Club or even with checking with Chicago Sailing for a sailboat to take out.

Basic, yes. But oh so good on the body, mind and soul. How are you staying active outside today?

Photo grabbed from Wellsphere.

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