Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back on Track with 2010 Fitness Goals

You promised yourself in January that 2010 was the year you planned increase your fitness, train for a particular race or learn a new sport. Or maybe you knew that come January 1 it was time to forget about the holiday hustle, all the times you hit snooze and skipped a work out, and the extra helpings you allowed yourself during the festivities. Regardless, you had goals set on New Year’s Day.

Now February has come and gone, March has rolled around—faster than you’d like to admit—and you still haven’t found time to go to the gym, map out a race calendar and register for that key event, or return to that routine you so diligently stuck to last year. But it’s not too late to get started on accomplishing those goals or feel like you’re constantly playing catch up with the rest of the group. Here are five ways to join or jump back onto the fitness bandwagon:

Hop in the pool. Before triathlon season comes around, get in the pool and practice your strokes. The open water will be a lot easier to tackle if you can hone your skills in calmer pool waters. One way to do it: Practice drills that will make you more efficient in the water.

Try a new sport. If you ran a half marathon in 2009, consider a triathlon in 2010. It might seem daunting to have to add swimming and cycling to the mix, but look at it as cross training that’s even more beneficial for the run. Or if you think you’ve done it all, reach out of your comfort zone for an adventure race, work your flexibility in yoga, or learn to ski—cross-country skiing is one of the best cardio exercises around.

Improve one sport in your repertoire. If you’ve done triathlons, consider isolating one of its disciplines to focus on before the season starts. Set up your bike on an indoor trainer and feel comfortable in the saddle without worrying about balance or dodging pedestrians on the path. Push yourself harder in your runs or aim to get faster through track and interval work. Practice transitions in your living room.

Join a group training program. They’ll hold you more accountable for training, you’ll have a coach guiding you, and you’ll meet new friends that love training as much as you do and can make great workout partners. The good news is that many programs get underway in March and April, especially if you've set your eyes on a half marathon, half Ironman or marathon this year.

Free fitness. Who doesn’t love a free workout? The New Year doesn’t just mean crowded gyms with more people trying to get fit and lose weight. Those gyms and other facilities like yoga studios offer deals to check out what programs they offer. Or if you love to run but don’t want to run alone, there are plenty of weeknight and weekend fun runs to keep the legs moving.

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