Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 4/3

Between the weather that's made it tough to stay indoors the past few days (such a change from last year, I might add) to spring breaks and holiday weekends, there's a lot to divert my attention away from the computer. And per usual, when I am able to get on, I'm doing a lot more reading than writing. Here's what caught my eye this time around:
  • Monday's Easter Egg Roll at the White House is taking a healthy turn, according to this story from The Today Show. Kids and parents in attendance not only get a lesson in rolling eggs across the lawn with a spoon, but also can enjoy more ways to get moving, eating tips from the White House chefs and meeting Apolo Ohno.
  • Remember those commercials that aired in recent months equating high fructose corn syrup to regular sugar? This study at Princeton University found that's not always the case, especially when looking at weight gain. Definitely time to revisit reading the labels carefully, at least in my case.
  • I can't name many good-for-you foods that start with K--kale is the healthy one while kielbasa is the not-so-good one--but it's vitamin K that I have to worry about. Thanks to this Yahoo! report, I now know not to omit it from the diet in hopes of lower cancer risk. Leafy greens, anyone?
  • Sorry, but I'm still itching to get skiing (even the 80 degrees didn't subside the urge). And catching wind of the recent dumps in all the right places--Lake Tahoe, Utah and Colorado--only makes me wish I was spending Easter skiing as I did Christmas and New Year's. Just look at the snow totals reported at from the last 72 hours and you'll see what I mean.
  • So if you're at all like me and obsessed with skiing even when you can't get there, check out some awesome skiing images by friending Lindsey Vonn on Facebook to see her Vail powder day while filming with the Warren Miller crew.
Photo grabbed from, official White House photo by Pete Souza.

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