Thursday, April 8, 2010

Katherine Reutter Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?

She broke a drought on the short track in Vancouver at the 2010 Winter Olympics taking home a silver and bronze medal for the USA, but now all that Kat Reutter wants is 18 scoops of ice cream. And an ice cream shop in Mount Prospect, Ill., will be making it for her this weekend, the Daily Herald reported. While Capannari Ice Cream is figuring out how they'll be stacking 18 scoops atop a cone without it tumbling over, Reutter will be saving her appetite for the treat that wasn't exactly plentiful in her diet leading up to the Games.

Some might cringe at the thought of consuming all of that ice cream, some might be jealous it's not going in their stomachs, and some might totally dig it and feel less guilty about post-race chowdowns. I fall into the third category...seeing an Olympian splurge after all the intense training makes me feel far less guilty about that massive burrito I ate after a weekend of intense riding this summer plus all the Dairy Queens and Scooters trips I made to feed my ice cream urge after Ironman training. Confession: I'm already looking forward to the lobster, onion rings and Boston cream pie at Union Oyster House post-Boston Marathon.

What treats do you like to consume after your race is over? 

Photo grabbed from weelakeo at flickr.

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