Monday, April 5, 2010

If I Had $200...

...I'd buy me a spot to RW Elite Boston. Sometimes a little twittering goes a long way when you're trying to get psyched about running the Boston Marathon--and you start following Bart Yasso or friend him on Facebook. The Chief Running Officer at Runner's World magazine has had some cool news to share in the last week and a half that's left me drooling, literally, and wishing I had an extra $200 in the bank to splurge on the RW VIP package, a race experience of a lifetime.

I've mentioned how I don't check my Twitter account very often (posting to it is an even sadder story), but I was glad to be scrolling the screen days ago and catching this post by Bart Yasso: "To my running buds running Boston, RW VIP package, private reception on Sunday with Editors & past Boston..." I saw editors and reception and clicked over to Facebook to read the rest: "...Champions, Race Day RW private motor coach with me or Amby Burfoot, stay on the bus with us until race time, post-race at the University Club, shower, change, get a massage, eat & drink, near the finish line."

This VIP package just kept getting better and better. I've waited in line to snake through Boston Common and eventually board a bus to the Boston Marathon's Hopkinton start line, and inevitably always end on what seems like the last batch of buses. I shared a space blanket with a complete stranger sidled up against Hopkinton Middle School attempting to stay a little dry and warm before the 2007 race. I ran on the same MC200 (Madison to Chicago) Relay team as Bart Yasso in 2008, but because of our team's running order I only got to spend QT with Bart at some exchange points (although I did get to see him start two of his three relay legs). The private coach alone piqued my interest beyond an "Oh that would be nice" comment, but the other perks are making it too enticing. Private bag drop off; chumming with 1968 Boston champion Burfoot, CRO Yasso, six Runner's World editors who are running the race (I'm guessing one of which is Brian Sabin who qualified in Richmond although Boston registration did close just days before); party at the University Club; massage (that saved my legs post-Chicago).

Hmm, maybe I can convince someone to chip in and gift it to me? My birthday is only three days after the race and I already plan to gift myself at the expo as I've done in years past. I was hopeful that I had a solution after receiving a scratch and win lottery ticket in my Easter basket, but alas, I never got my magic letter that could have won me up to $20,000--I would have taken the match three win $3 or match 7 win $100. But for now, I'm plotting how to stretch my dollars to get onto that bus. And I know time and space are running short. If you're interested, sign up for the experience by clicking here. Photo (the what-I-don't-want-to-do-race-morning shot) grabbed from

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