Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boston Marathon Countdown: Remembering 2009

I'm totally nostalgic at heart and have been known to sometimes live in the past, rather than the present. Blame it partially on my mom--she's taken so many pictures over the years to fill plenty of albums at home--and partially on my knack for history. So don't be surprised that I'm looking back on the 113th Boston Marathon before looking ahead to the 114th on Monday, April 19. Check out these pictures from last year's race--we have Flickr to thank for these memories (and maybe my random browsing? I still wish I had been there) as well as the photographers who allowed download access to their accounts.

The finish line. Photo grabbed from Loren Kahle.

Ryan Hall sprinting to the finish. Photo grabbed from Gabe Holm
Dick Hoyt pushes his son Rick at mile 19. Photo grabbed from ianandval

Banners announce the race around the city with notable runners like 2008 winner Robert K. Cheruiyot. Photo grabbed from Paul Keleher

Here come the fast women, including our favorite, Kara Goucher. Photo grabbed from mgstanton

Major Dave Rozelle on the course--a below-knee amputee who's taking on endurance sports. Photo grabbed from connorreidy

Jessica Matassa speeds through the course by wheelchair. Photo grabbed from Mad.Chicken

For more pictures from the 113th Boston Marathon, head to Flickr for this photo album. There are tons to browse through. Here's to more memories come April 19.


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