Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boston Marathon Twitter-Style

Who's nodding their head when they read that social media is everywhere these days? But who's also nodding when they see it makes them pretty accessible to random news on their favorite athletes, celebrities, friends and businesses? Me!

I have yet to start my Boston Marathon race report, but I've been catching up on my Facebook and Twitter browsing--far easier to do at the airport than writing, I might add--and am totally into reading comments from the crowd related to yesterday's infamous marathon. Here are some excerpts from what my Twitter feed looked like post-race (in reverse from how it actually read online).

Runner's World runnersworld Teyba Erkesso (ETH) wins women's Boston Marathon in 2:26:low. Tatyana Pushkareva (RUS) 2nd; Salina Kosgei (KEN) 3rd http://bit.ly/9IuIFB

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot of Kenya has won the 114th Boston Marathon in in a course record time of 2:05.52  

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ Tekeste Kebede of Ethiopia will finish second. Merga third, Hall fourth, Meb fifth

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ Cheruiyot spoke to the media on Friday at the John Hancock Elite Athlete Press Conference - http://bit.ly/dzuxDj

Jake from Garmin JakesJournal Congrats to Garmin athlete @ryanhall3 on 4th place at Boston Marathon. Robert Cheruiyot set new course record of 2:05:50.

Runner's World runnersworld That's right--congrats Ryan! RT @5Kjunkie: @runnersworld @ryanhall3 's 2:08:41 is fastest-ever American finish at Boston. 

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ 'If I were to download a heart monitor I'm sure that it will show that this was the hardest win' - vanDyk on his tight victory today

Josh Cox JoshCoxRun So proud of my @MammothTC teammates, @RyanHall3 & @RunMeb! You guys were amazing!

Andy Baldwin andybaldwin some days you get The Goat, some days The Goat gets you. That was tough today! Congrats to all finishers! #BostonMarathon  

Jake from Garmin JakesJournal Congrats to Garmin's Peg for finishing (& qualifying again) at Boston! Her 5K splits: 26:01; 26:22; 26:09; 26:01; 26:27; 27:21; 26:59; 26:22  

Andy Baldwin andybaldwin Finished the #BostonMarathon! Thanks for all of your support. It made a huge difference out there today!! @TeamWorldVision

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ sitting on six hours after the start. Congrats to all the finishers! 

Bart Yasso BartYasso Congrats to all Boston Marathon runners.Thanks to our RW Elite Boston Marathon package runners & Saturday night FE runners.

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! The streets are lined with supportive fans and our volunteers have been tremendous!!!

Runner's World runnersworld Check out our facebook album of more than 60 photos from #bostonmarathon weekend! http://bit.ly/92khBD Elite slideshows to come  

Winter Olympics 2010 W_Olympics_2010 Boston marathoner with heart attack recovering: A 64-year-old man running in the Boston Marathon had a heart attac... http://bit.ly/d3UGAf  

Runner's World runnersworld Meb's entourage: Merhawi Keflezighi (brother and agent), Bob Larsen (mentor), and Meb himself. The matching smiles http://twitpic.com/1gwvfk  

Kirsten Miller fmyinjury I am so jealous of the #BostonMarathon runners. What a cool accomplishment!!!  

Josh Cox JoshCoxRun The @StepsFoundation dinner: @BartYasso, @RyanHall3, @CarolynLora, @SaraHall3, & @AndyBaldwin http://twitpic.com/1gx9ru  

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ 'It was a great experience … Wonderful to be back … Haven’t been here since 2006 and it reminds me how special it is' - Meb on his race  

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ Congratulations to all of our runners! http://bit.ly/9b3J3f  

meb keflezighi runmeb 10:59 pm just got back to my room since the race and 10min to put my jeans on before the award. Now, in the ice bath. Long day & busy day. 

Sara Hall SaraHall3: So proud of @ryanhall3 & our @StepsFoundation runners today in Boston! Was great getting to meet most of them tonight and celebrate the race 

meb keflezighi runmeb Congrats to all the Boston 26.2 finishers. You are part of a great history. Wow, what a day of competition I cannot wait to see video.

meb keflezighi runmeb The crowed was unbelievable. USA. USA the whole time, even in the medical tent, tears of pride poured. Thanks to my supporters I went 4 it.  

Ryan Hall ryanhall3 140 characters aren't enough for today. Check out my blog post tomrrw. Thanks for everyones prayers and support. Congrats to all 26.2 fnshrs  

Bart Yasso BartYasso At Logan airport on my way home to PA. It’s a dead giveaway who did the race yesterday, walk/limp & marathon jacket.  

meb keflezighi runmeb 7:49AM, what are you having for breakfast? Well, I am starting w/ 55 degree of ice bath and looking forward to something warm in 15min.  

meb keflezighi runmeb I gave it all I had yesterday. I Ran To Win. Thanks for all the support. http://bit.ly/aksbB9

Jake from Garmin JakesJournal You're everywhere! Congrats!! See you in a few...RT @BrianDSabin: is pictured on @runnersworld home page, under RW Daily and "1st timers"  

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ Video from the Hoyts hitting mile eight yesterday - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZIc3g1-LzU  

Josh Cox JoshCoxRun Just had a fabulous massage courtesy of Holly and the great folks at the @StepsFoundation! Next stop, Nashville!  

Runner's World runnersworld Boston Virgins! RW staffers run their first #bostonmarathon ...with a camera. Here's what they saw: http://bit.ly/8YX0P7 @B_A_A_

Runner's World runnersworld For more on Boston (including stories on the winners, @ryanhall3 , @runmeb , and the rest of the Americans) go to http://bit.ly/dBweFC  

Runner's World runnersworld RT @AbbeyH24 Great advice from Mark Remy, Exec Editor of RunnersWorld.com: "Do whatever it takes to finish ahead of a costumed runner."  

Ryan Hall ryanhall3 There was something very beautiful about my last run in Boston this morning.  

Boston Marathon B_A_A_ is busy with some record book re-writing. Congrats to Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot (Course Record 2:05:52), and Ernst... http://bit.ly/cIIBkd  

...and we're powering down. I'm on a flight filled with marathon finishers wearing 2010 adidas jackets headed back to Chicago. Here's to hoping I can write my race report before landing--or catching some extra shut-eye. In the meantime, follow me and my favorites on Twitter, @fitink

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