Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fit-Q: What Winter Olympics Sports Feed Your Fancy?

We're in the final stretch before the 2010 Winter Olympics open in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 12. NBC has been reminding us for months of the number of days left before the 21st Olympiad kicks off. If you search Olympics on Twitter, you'll find several feeds, some of which provide enough daily updates to make you dizzy (but you can't complain when it helps you feel like you're there learning the inside scoop). And the Olympians are twittering their arrivals to the Olympic city.

While it's obvious fever over the Games is in the air, we all have our favorite moments to watch live, catch on TV or follow online. With all of the snow and ice action happening from the time the Olympic torch is lit Friday night until it's extinguished on February 28, the world tunes in to the competitions on snow and ice, what sports are you most looking forward to watching? Take our poll:

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