Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 2/24

Between the Olympics, a trip out to Colorado for some skiing and some coaching programs about to get underway when I return to reality in Chicago, it's easy for me to say I have my hands full this week. But that's not keeping me from staying connected and doing my usual online reading. To be honest, I'm probably reading more than I should since I have limited hours in front of my computer after long ski days and should really be sleeping to let my muscles recover. Here are some favorite reads that are keeping me up late at night:
  • What do those Olympians jam to when they're training and competing? Find out some of the top hits courtesy of the Fit-Bottomed Girls.
  • Yikes to the women's GS race that partially went down today. I feel for Julia Mancuso--check out one of the reports at
  • Hooray for the medal winners from the U.S. Ski Team for making the cover of Sports Illustrated.
  • I became a fan of the Nordic Combined team Tuesday night when they won silver. What an exciting race and I can totally see why Johnny Spillane would call it a fun sport to watch and not just because he races it. Exhilarating to the finish between Billy Demong and Austria's Mario Stecher.
  • I love watching this video from The Today Show about aerialist Emily Cook.
Photo grabbed from Sports Illustrated's March 1 cover. Posted by Kate

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