Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 2/18

It's all about the Winter Olympics here at Fit-Ink. After last night's coverage on the women's downhill--go Julia and Lindsey!--and the men's snowboarding halfpipe--Shaun White's victory lap with the double McTwist 1260, anyone?--my fire is only fueled more for following the Olympics. Here's some favorites for the day to check out:
  • Excited after Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso going 1-2 in the women's downhill? Check out Julia's blog for some cool interviews. My favorite: how an Olympian spends the night before her big race. Read here (if you get an internal server like I just did, just visit her blog and scroll down to Keeping It Loose the Night Before...).
  • The world seems to be obsessed with the Norwegian curling team's pants. I don't know if you can call these golfer Jon Daly look-alikes bad-ass but they sure live up to their label of psyching out the competition. Score a pair of your own at Loudmouth Golf.
  • Who doesn't want to watch Shaun White's halfpipe run again? Here's the link from NBC Olympics.
  • And same with Shani Davis's gold medal run in the 1000m skate on the long track that catapulted him into history as the first man to repeat as Olympic champion at the distance?
  • My friend tipped me off to this interactive New York Times section that gives you an inside look at the Olympic sports from the downhill to sliding a luge track.
  • If you want any spoilers for what's on tonight's Olympics coverage, check out King 5's Olympic Twitter page for the latest updates.
Have a site to recommend? Please share in the comments as I can use all the Olympic action I can get--take last night for example where I was typing away on my laptop, reading Team USA bios, watching races I had missed online and watching the 3.5 hours on NBC, while spouting random tidbits to my husband (poor guy!). Back to the action for me. Happy reading! Photo grabbed from Posted by Kate

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