Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fit-Pic: Welcome to Vancouver

Welcome to Vancouver! With the 2010 Winter Olympics underway, it only seemed fitting to track down a photo of the host city, especially since I've had the chance to visit it twice since it was selected. I only drove through in 2004 en route to Whistler--don't be surprised if some of those pictures show up over the next two weeks as it's pretty cool to see how the village looked before the Olympic explosion--but I had the opportunity to stay in Vancouver for a few days, check out some venues like the Richmond Olympic Oval and the Vancouver Olympic Centre, meet some Olympic hopefuls and flat-out get excited about the Games that were still months away.

Above you'll find one of the images I captured while on a run around the city and in my opinion captures some of the best aspects of Vancouver. You have the city--complete with a running path that makes me feel like I'm back at home--and you have the "country" or at least the closest thing to it with Stanley Park abutting the downtown, providing miles of greenery. And then there's the picture-perfect water complete with harbor, boats and (not pictured but they were out). Yes, it might be a far cry from the conditions the city could see at this time of the year, since you're more likely to find rain--like last night--but not completely. You'll still find the rich hues of the evergreens, crystal clear water and plenty of spots to run. The difference is the Olympic decor like the rings illuminated on the water, the torch along the riverfront, and the Vancouver Convention Centre (faintly visible as the white arced triangles) transformed into media central. But seeing this makes me wish I was back...pronto! Posted by Kate

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