Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Biggest Loser Goes for Gold

When it was the week of the Super Bowl, The Biggest Loser organized a football challenge (season 7). When it was the Oscars, the contestants received red-carpet-worthy makeovers (season 7). Now with the Olympics quickly approaching, it comes as no surprise that the preview for the February 9 episode features an Olympic spin. The Biggest Losers travel to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to not only get worked by some of the best trainers and coaches in sport but also to get motivated by some Olympians. Check out the above video from NBC to see more of the preview.

It's a dream opportunity for any sports nut (me included) even if it does include a gut-busting workout. I say this because I got a sampling of the training rigors of an Olympian back in October thanks to Nike. It was only an hour training with a yoga mat, weights and body strength but I was sore for the next two days! I'm jealous that the contestants can partake and as a sidenote, hope it motivates me to finish up a post about said Olympic workout sooner rather than later.

Yes, the coaches are world-class--they'd have to be with all the medal winners that have come through the Training Center--but my eye will also be on the Olympians who surprise the Losers. Skier and Torino gold medalist Julia Mancuso is one of them--catch her in the preview above. One look at some of Mancuso's training exercises, like Mancuso balancing on the stability ball to strengthen her turns, and you know why she won gold.

Who's in for watching with me? Video grabbed from NBC. Posted by Kate

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