Friday, October 2, 2009

Stunner! No Games for Chicago in 2016

Shocker in Copenhagen. While thousands waited and watched in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago, the IOC announced that Chicago was removed from the voting after the first round in the selection process for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The crowd gasped and stood confused wondering what happened. Media reported Chicago slightly in the lead, analysts were calling it neck and neck between Chicago and Rio de Janeiro, and many had written off Tokyo and Madrid as even having a shot at the Games.

I can't help but wonder if all of our hype caused Chicago's demise as a choice. The Obamas flying to Copenhagen to voice their support, Oprah Winfrey praising the city, newscasters flying in from New York to broadcast live from Chicago in hopes that they'd have happy news to report by evening. Hmm, so many questions since the Windy City was eliminated in the first round. Apparently it can come down to one vote and a city could be gone from the next round of voting by barely falling short. Let the news unfold... Posted by Kate

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