Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 10/3

You'd think that with the change to fall, the start of October on the calendar (I'm still shocked how quickly May through September passed) and the days getting shorter from a sunlight standpoint that our active pursuits would also be waning into winter. Not so, as evidenced by the weekend calendar that has major running races scheduled across the country. And it only builds from here with each October weekend holding another major race. Check out these events and their results that had people racing this weekend:
  • Army 10-Miler. This races closes as soon as registration opens--the 30,000 cap filled in early April--but stands as a favorite fall race on the Washington, D.C., running scene. Find the 2009 results here (well, they're not up yet but promise to be by 8 p.m. tonight).
  • Lakefront Marathon. Milwaukee hosts this marathon that has become a popular event for Midwesterners, especially those shut out of Chicago. Offering a route with miles along the Lake Michigan shoreline, it's flat and fast and this year lucked out with perfect running weather. Click here for those results.
  • Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Another Midwest favorite especially because it's on a smaller scale than Chicago runs through the Twin Cities. This race is often held on the same day as Chicago, which worked to some runners advantage in 2007 when the Midwest was blessed, or cursed, with a heat wave and runners looking for Olympic Trials cuts and Boston qualifiers abandoned their Chicago dreams and rushed to Minneapolis instead. It's a good day in the Twin Cities between marathon dreams accomplished--elite runner Sally Meyerhoff ran her personal best to finish fifth--and the Twins battling the Detroit Tigers for the central division title in baseball. Check out the results.
  • Portland Marathon. In years past, this marathon gained notoreity, at least on my radar screen, for continuing to welcome music devices and headphones on its race course when they were banned by the USATF (thank goodness that rule was repealed). And it's still known as the mp3-friendly marathon while offering some great scenery and gentle hills. Find results here.
And that whole bit about the events just continuing? Just look at next weekend with the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (more athletes are arriving daily and there are events to get excited about even before the big dance), and the Baltimore Running Festival on October 10, and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 11. The hype is building even though the mileage is less. Photo grabbed from hans s at flickr. Posted by Kate

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